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Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Finalized and available to buy in the Smart Buys section.

Organized to provide 52 different menus, this book follows a yearly calendar and gives a menu idea for each week of the year. Every menu has its own theme and is made specifically for the week it falls on. This way, the month of January can provide a winter menu and a slow cooker menu, summer has a picnic and a tropical menu, while autumn will showcase a Thanksgiving and a Halloween menu. All the popular cuisines of the world are featured with a menu as well - from Italian, to Greek, to French, to Korean, Indian, Lebanese and more and you’ll even get to learn about Maori and Canadian Indigenous cooking.

You’ll fall in love with cooking all over again!

Each menu contains 6 recipes. With very few exceptions, 4 of these recipes follow the different protein choices: meats, poultry, fish and vegetarian protein, in order to give you nutritious options for your weekly menu. Out of the other two recipes one is usually a soup or a salad that goes well with the main meal and adds extra vegetables to your daily intake. The final recipe is a treat. All recipes have been chosen because of their nutritious ingredients. For some of them, substitutions were made to help make the foods more balanced. Others were kept unchanged or relatively unchanged, out of respect for the culture that developed them. All recipes are designed to be enjoyed by most people, from those who are not accustomed to spicy foods to those who cannot eat without it.

All 316 main recipes come with a picture, in order to ease your decision about what to cook each week.


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I am beyond thrilled to be able to introduce our latest creation, a health journal that takes a game-like approach and guides your towards better sleep, physical activity, nutrition, hydration and an overall more balanced lifestyle. You can find this by accessing the Smart Buys section of our website.

I intentionally went for a gamified way of recording the progress to help promote learning along the way. Games are fun, free and they take of the pressure - because you know that they are designed to be won. They help us better understand concepts through practice, constant feedback and repetition. And what better way to change one's lifestyle than by restarting over every morning - just like you'd restart a game?

To make sure our readers get the best results, the point system is based on the latest scientific research, while also ensuring that the targets are quantifiable, progressive and achievable.

Additionally, and I can't say this enough, I wanted to give anyone buying this journal an entirely positive experience and made sure this is obvious in the journal. Anyone using this as a tracking tool is encouraged to focus on what they accomplished that day and from the time when they started the program, set goals for the future and be kind to themselves in the process. This is because only a positive approach gives people wings!

If you think this could improve your life, access the link above and order your own copy today. If you end up buying one, please-please take the time to leave a review afterwards. I honestly believe this can help a lot of people, however it won't help anybody if they don't see it come up in search results - and reviews are part of that.

The journal is published on Amazon, in black and white - I encourage you to add your personal touch when you fill it out. It has a glossy cover and 132 white paper pages for 60 days of tracking. We found this should give most people enough time to change habits for the better.

A color edition is also available for purchase. While our royalties are the same, the price is slightly higher due to higher printing costs. Let me know if you need the link for the color copy.

Also, if you are not a fan of Amazon, I could direct you to a link to a different website where you can purchase this journal. I published the Amazon link as my main link since other websites had higher printing costs, driving the overall price higher.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Much-much love,

Roxana of Smart Nutrition Rox

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Complete, nourishing meals with no animal-based ingredients.

Here are this week's recipes:

  • Lobio - Georgia bean stew, fragrant and refreshing.

  • Mercimek Köfte - A delicious Turkish food made with red lentils and bulgur.

  • Buddha’s Delight - A culinary delight passed on from the Buddhist monks.

  • Nutty Banana Bowl - A snack that's easy to put together, filling and delicious.

Download and adapt this week's Grocery Shopping List or check it out when you're doing your groceries:

Week 29 - Grocery shopping
Download XLSX • 13KB

Print the simplified Order of Cooking list to optimize and minimize time spent in the kitchen:

Week 29 - Order of Cooking
Download PDF • 664KB


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