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Zombie Feast - Mac and Cheese Brain

A spooky looking dish, made with common ingredients, which will have everyone saying <Braaaains!>

In true Smart Nutrition Rox fashion, I wanted to keep this dish simple.

Would it have been easier (and probably prettier) to use a mold? Of course, but where's the fun in that?

Instead, I got creative and used elbow pasta to mimic the brain circumvolutions.

A bit of cheese melted directly onto the pasta gave these the glue to stick together - and a bit more protein, while the meat sauce added a new layer of gruesome.

I used small kitchen bowls to make the shapes and, in my case, a portion came up to about half a brain. This being said, the dish can be made for an entire table - by placing the entire amount of pasta in one large bowl.

While nutritionally, portions are balanced to provide you with adequate amounts of starches and protein, pasta sauce is not enough to give you enough vegetables. Ideally, you should couple this dish with either a vegetable soup or a salad to help you get enough.

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Download the recipe here:

Zombie Feast - Mac and Cheee Brain
Download PDF • 744KB

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