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Week 32 - Portuguese Week Menu

Simple ingredients and flavors from all over the world (rooted in Portugal's history) combine to make some satisfying meals that give you that rustic, homey vibe of "this feels like it was cooked by a loving grandma".

Here are this week's recipes:

  • Caldo Verde - traditional Portuguese soup for hot and cold days

  • Bifana - thin pork slices, marinated in a wine, bay leaf and Piri-Piri sauce, browned and tucked in a soft bread roll with a bit of yellow mustard and caramelized onions. Yum!

  • Portuguese Sardine Pasta - taking the Portuguese love for sardines and putting it into a pasta dish

  • Bacalhau à Brás - flaked cod, crispy potatoes, caramelized onion and egg to make is golden

And a bonus desert recipe:

Download and adapt this week's Grocery Shopping List or just check it out when you're doing your groceries:

32 - Grocery shopping
Download XLSX • 13KB

Print the Order of Cooking list to optimize and minimize time spent in the kitchen:

Week 32 - Order of Cooking
Download PDF • 740KB

Bom appetite!

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