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Week 30 - Five Ingredient Dishes

Tasty dishes made with only a handful of ingredients.

The rules are as follows:

  • up to 5 main ingredients per recipe

  • kitchen staples like oil, spices and bread crumbs get free passes

  • lemon/lime also get a free pass - as they can be an easy starter for a vinaigrette and an alternative to vinegar (another kitchen staple).

  • meals will be complete and provide adequate amounts of protein, carbs and fiber.

  • just like our usual meal plans, this one will also be balanced with different protein choices - to keep our taste buds interested 😋

Here are this week's recipes:

Download and adapt this week's Grocery Shopping List or just check it out when you're doing your groceries:

30 - Grocery Shopping
Download XLSX • 13KB

Print the Order of Cooking list to optimize and minimize time spent in the kitchen:

Week 30 - Order of Cooking
Download PDF • 876KB


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