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Week 26 - Mexican Foods.

Vibrant, colorful, spicy and delicious.

Here are this week's recipes:

  • Sopa de Lima - Fragrant and tangy Mexican soup.

  • Nachos - A widely popular snack revamped into a satisfying meal.

  • Burrito - A delicious mix of spiced beef, cheese and other savory fillings, tightly wrapped in a tortilla and enjoyed without a need for utensils.

  • Tacos de Camarones - Creamy, cheesy shrimp tacos.

Download and adapt this week's Grocery Shopping List or check it out when you're doing your groceries:

Week 26 - Grocery shopping
Download XLSX • 13KB

No need for an Order of Cooking list this week. Since these recipes have little to no downtime, you can make your menu in any order you prefer.

If you're spreading your meal prep for several days, cook your beef, chicken and shrimp first, for maximum freshness. Keep Nachos for last - as all of the ingredients can be safely kept longer in the fridge.


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