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Week 22 - Chinese Foods.

A fragrant menu from this magical country which treats food like art, paints it with bold colors and even bolder flavors.

Here are this week's recipes:

  • Chinese Hot Pot - Warm and soothing culinary excitement that draws everyone to the table.

  • Baked Orange Chicken - The perfect blend between sweet and sour.

  • Tofu Egg Drop Soup - Lacy and nutritious, this beautiful soup is made with a handful of ingredients.

  • Luck and Prosperity Salad - A gorgeous salad made with carefully selected ingredients, that are linked to good fortune in the Chinese culture.

Download and adapt this week's Grocery Shopping List or check it out when you're doing your groceries:

Week 22 - Grocery shopping
Download XLSX • 15KB

Print the simplified Order of Cooking list to optimize and minimize time spent in the kitchen:

Week 22 - Order of Cooking.docx
Download PDF • 317KB


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