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Vampire Bat Bites

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Black chicken wings and drumsticks

Spoiler alert: this dish will be the easiest thing to cook for this Halloween.

All you need is some chicken (wings and drums), your favorite cooking sauce and some food coloring.

You can opt to buy black food coloring online ahead of time - or you can mix your own from standard food coloring mixes. With a ratio of 1:3:3 of blue-green-red you'll get a nice black color that can give your a more authentic bat dish.

To make for a complete meal, serve your dish with our Orange Gourd - creamy mashed Butternut Squash and a salad or a vegetable soup.

These recipes are part of the 2020 - Week - Halloween Menu . Look under Menus for the other recipes of the series or Subscribe to our mailing list and receive complete weekly menu ideas with everything from the grocery shopping list to all standardized recipes in a menu, as well as an organized Order of Cooking list to save you time in the kitchen.

Download both recipes here:

Vampire Bat Bites
Download PDF • 929KB
Orange Gourd - Creamy mashed Butternut S
Download • 568KB

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