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A Senegalese meal where all ingredients lend their taste to one another.

While this dish may take a longer time to cook than others, the end result is completely worth it.

Caramelizing onions, cooked with fish marinated with many delicious ingredients and later cooking the vegetables in the same broth - makes for a wonderfully tasty end results. All the ingredients borrow from one another and then come together beautifully.

To top it all off, the broth is used to make the rice, making this dish the precursor and the inspiration for the Nigerian Jollof Rice. Interestingly enough, Jollof rice was later adapted into Jambalaya, making Thieboudienne the grandfather of this Cajun dish.

Isn't food history fascinating?

Thieboudienne (pronounced similar to how you'd pronounce <che-boo-jen>) is a communal meal, where everyone shares in on the same large serving plate, so grab a loved one (or more) and enjoy!

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Download the standardized recipe here:

Download PDF • 660KB

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