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Tacos de Camarones

Creamy, cheesy shrimp tacos.

While the history of tacos precedes the arrival of the Spanish people onto the American continent, tacos are now one of the most popular Mexican foods.

Without argument, corn tortillas are at the core of this dish, yet we could not have these without the process of nixtamalization, developed by the Aztec and Mayan civilizations. Dry corn is soaked and cooked into an alkaline solution (a mixture of lime and ash, at its origin). In turn, this renders the corn more easy to grind, increases its flavor and nutritional value.

Fresh vegetables - lightly roasted in the pan, spicy-creamy shrimp and melty cheese to glue together fresh tortillas make this dish amazing. You'll want to make the recipe over and over - since it's pure yumminess!

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Download the standardized recipe here:

Tacos de Camarones
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