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Spanish Pisto

Roasted vegetables topped with gooey eggs and aged cheese.

The first time I tried making this recipe it was the middle of summer and I had decided to make a Spanish inspired menu. Just like now, I had chosen my menu and made my shopping list. I went out to buy my groceries and returned home with the biggest quantity of tomatoes I've ever bough in my life - since every recipe called for ripe tomatoes. I placed them in a woven basket and let them bask in the sun on my kitchen table and it made me so happy. In case you're wondering: that menu came out great and I loved every recipe I discovered. Maybe I'll make again someday...

If you've never heard of Pisto, don't feel bad. Neither had I. It's very similar to a Ratatouille - and uses roasted eggplants, zucchini, peppers, onions, all bathed in a homemade tomato paste that is sure to delight you.

Traditional Pisto is served with either fried eggs or Machengo cheese slices on top. Unless Machengo cheese is easy to get where you live, feel free to use old cheddar cheese instead. Also, don't be shy to add both eggs and old Cheddar cheese to your pisto and, if possible, let your eggs be a bit runny. Everything tastes so much better when you let the yolk run over the vegetable mix.

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Download the standardized recipe here:

Spanish Pisto
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