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Slow Cooker Butter Chicken

One of the most beloved dishes all over the world.

Butter chicken was first made for the first time in 1947, in a restaurant in Dehli. The legend says the dish was a happy accident and that, in order to make it, that day the cook decided to combine leftover chicken with tomato marinade juices, rich in butter.

The Indian name for the dish, Murgh Makhani, translates to "Tandoori chicken cooked in butter and tomato sauce" and the dish would have to wait another 28 years before being published, in a restaurant in Manhattan, under the name "Butter Chicken" - the name the entire world knows and drools for today.

Since this dish needs time to develop its mouthwatering flavors, we opted for making it in the slow cooker.

Adding naan bread to the chicken will make for a complete meal.

You can choose to buy your naan bread - or make it yourself (recipe below). You won't require any special skills to make it and you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that there's something innately comforting about kneading and rolling your own breads. The fact that the end result is fluffy and warm, and that your entire kitchen smells like fresh bread will also probably help.

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Download the standardized recipes here:

Butter Chicken
Download PDF • 574KB
Naan Bread
Download PDF • 801KB

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