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Salata Boeuf

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

A traditional Romanian dish served at Christmas and New Year's Dinners.

Traditional Romanian winter cuisine relies heavily on foods that can be preserved longer without modern technology and this recipe is no exception. This salad starts with potatoes and carrots - which don't require refrigeration and may be kept in a cool cellar instead. Other canned and pickled vegetables, which also keep well for a long time, are mixed in afterwards and tied together with a touch of mayo and mustard.

While the name implies there is beef in this salad, I don't think I've ever had it with beef. Instead my family used to make the meatless version or the chicken version instead. I chose to make the latter - for a filling, delicious result.

Feel free to play with proportions - so that the end result matched your own taste. If you like a more sour salad, add more pickled vegetables; if you like it to have more mustard and mayo add a bit more, etc.

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Want to make it yourself? Download the recipe here:

Salata Boeuf
Download PDF • 639KB

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