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Salade de chou frisé à la mangue, oranges et coriandre.

A colorful salad topped with mango, oranges, coriander and a balsamic dressing.

The idea for this salad came from a menu of a restaurant where we never got to eat during our vacation to Gaspé. The restaurant was too full when we got there and they wouldn't take any more orders.

To make this salad I used kale as my base. I added the peppers and the green onion for a rustic, countryside feel and the caramel color balsamic dressing for a bit of a zing and to go with our weekly theme. So far, we've used dark beer, dark mushrooms and dark maple syrup for the other recipes. It felt only suitable to go with a deep colored balsamic vinegar this time.

The salad pairs well with our other fish and seafood and meat recipes this week.

This recipe is part of the 2020 - Week 38 - Menu Gaspésien. Look under Menus for all other recipes of the series or Subscribe to our mailing list and receive complete weekly menu ideas with everything from the grocery shopping list to all standardized recipes in a menu, as well as an organized Order of Cooking list to save you time in the kitchen.

Download the standardized recipe here:

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