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Piyaz - Turkish Bean Salad

A traditional Turkish meze made with white beans, tomatoes, onions and fresh parsley.

Turkey is famous for its meze - cold appetizers served before the main meals. Just like this recipe, most mezes are vegetarian.

Other famous meze examples include: white cheese, cold eggplant salad, stuffed vine leaves, yogurt with cucumber and garlic, fried calamari, brain and liver appetizers.

This simple, yet tasty appetizer is made with Navy or White beans, tomatoes, green bell peppers and parsley and can be garnished with boiled egg slices, olives, lemon wedges and chili flakes.

I chose to serve it with tea, a classic staple of Turkish hospitality.

If you're visiting Turkey and you are offered tea you should take it - otherwise you would be insulting the person who offered it to you. Traditionally, Turkish tea come is beautiful, small tulip-shaped glasses that allow one to hold them by the neck - thus keeping their hands from getting burned by the hot beverage.

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Download the standardized recipe here:

Piyaz - Turkish Bean Salad
Download PDF • 578KB

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