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Piri Piri Chickpeas

One of the most beautiful ways to eat chickpeas.

Roasted in the oven for 25-30 minutes, chickpeas end up with a soft- sweet inside and a crunchy, glossy, rich gold outside.

While this snack looks like it could be part of an Arabian Nights themed menu, the recipe was designed for a completely different purpose. Meant to satisfy the hunger of a hiker/ camper without the added sugar, this finger food is rich is protein and complex carbs.

You can use your favorite sauce to coat the chickpeas (we used Piri Piri Sauce that we had leftover from the Portuguese Week Menu) - or use any leftover sauce you have in the fridge. You don't need anything else. That is it. Two ingredients.

In case you still need to know the details, here is the recipe:

Piri Piri Chickpeas
Download PDF • 545KB


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