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Pimento Cheese

A classic Southern United States appetizer.

Southerners love their food. Actually, love may not be the right word for it. They adore their food, have a deep passion for it and probably an even bigger pride when it comes down to it. This is especially true if the food in question is rich and this recipe is not necessarily the exception.

Also known as <Carolina Caviar>, this simple appetizer is made with shredded strong cheddar cheese, a bit of mayo and marinated pimento/ red peppers (my fellow Romanians can use gogosari instead). While no salt was later added to the dish (instead we used black pepper, onion and garlic powder and a touch of Cajun spices), if you have to watch your salt intake this dip may not be for you - as all of these ingredients are rich in salt.

Serve it with whole grain crackers for a bit of extra fiber.

This recipe is part of the 2020 - Week 47 - Southern Flavor Menu . Look under Menus for the other recipes of the series or Subscribe to our mailing list and receive complete weekly menu ideas with everything from the grocery shopping list to all standardized recipes in a menu, as well as an organized Order of Cooking list to save you time in the kitchen.

Download the recipe here:

Pimento Cheese
Download PDF • 632KB

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