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Phyllo Pumpkin Pie

The Romanian way to make pumpkin pie. Mmmmmmm!

Romanian pies do not look like a tart. Instead they are often wrapped in dough or phyllo dough, which hug a sweet and satisfying filling inside. The whole thing makes you want to come back for seconds.

This recipe is certainly no exception.

Like most of our pies, we start by grating and cooking the future filling with a bit of sugar.

We then oil and put together 3 phyllo sheets, spread the pumpkin filling on top and then roll the dough with the filling inside.

Once we have enough rolls to fill a pan, we brush the future pie with oil and let it get toasty in the oven.

Back home we used to sprinkle powdered sugar on top of a pie after cooking it - however I'd always dust it off before eating my pie, so I just chose to omit it from this recipe. You can certainly choose to add this for a more traditional look.

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Download the standardized recipe here:

Pumpkin pie
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