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Paella de Marisco

Seafood Paella.

Is there a more beautiful dish than Paella to start our Spanish menu? I think not.

Always arranged in an esthetically pleasing pattern, Paella will also surprise you with its simplicity of cooking. Even though this is a one pot meal, don't expect a bland flavor. Flavorful seafood, caramelized rice, tasty red peppers, tomatoes and garlic, sweet green peas and hints of saffron make this dish a superb addition to lunches and dinners around the world.

While Spanish rice may not be easy to find, any medium-small grained rice (such as Calrose or Arborio) will work. And since we're on the topic of rice: stop stirring your paella once you add your liquids. This way the rice will caramelize on the bottom. Think brown, not burned. A traditional paella will always have a crust on the bottom. This is called a "soccarat".

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Download the standardized recipe here:

Paella de marisco
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