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Miso Soup

Yummy umami.

Itadakimasu (いただきます) !

This is the Japanese way of starting a meal, meaning "I humbly receive/ I humbly partake", meant to express gratitude to all those who made this meal possible - from plants and animals, to farmers, truck drivers, logistics coordinators, supermarket employees and cooks.

And what better way to start a Japanese meal than with Miso Soup.

I ❤️ Miso Soup so much! I haven't had it in years and tasting it again filled me with so much joy! I'd love to be able to share that joy with you as well.

In order to make it you will need pressed/ extra firm/ firm tofu, dry wakame, green onions, miso and dashi.

In the spirit of making this soup simple and the ingredients fairly easily accessible, I used powder Dashi. You can choose to make this recipe more authentic by making your own Dashi from scratch or make it even simpler and, if your supermarket offers Dashi Miso, omit the Dashi powder and just dissolve the miso into the boiling water (which will result in a less salty soup).

Miso Soup is easy to make, soothing and filling - the perfect #yummyumami 🥢

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Download the standardized recipe here:

Miso Soup
Download PDF • 835KB

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