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Mirza Ghassemi

A divine Iranian appetizer - with roasted eggplants, fresh tomatoes and eggs.

Spoiler alert: I love Mirza! It was one of the first things I tried when being introduced to Iranian foods and it was love at first bite. Fast forward a few years and our relationship is stronger than ever.

I felt you should know this - since word that follows will probably be influenced by my love for this dish.

While traditionally Mirza is served as an appetizer, you can certainly increase your portion and have this as a meal.

With eggs and vegetables and served along some flat bread this will make for a complete food and prove extremely satisfying.

The best Mirza comes from eggplants roasted on the open fire, until the skin is charred and easy to peel. This being said: if barbecuing is not an option, you can certainly use our method and roast them in the oven and your mirza will still be delicious. Promise!

We used an entire head of garlic when making this dish, however we left you the option of only using half of this amount. Either way your taste buds guide you, rest assured that you won't have any aftertaste - since the garlic is thoroughly cooked.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we do in our house!

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Download the recipe here:

Mirza Ghassemi
Download PDF • 707KB

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