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Mediterranean Sandwich

Crunchy toasted wheat ciabatta on the outside. Creamy pesto, olive spread and hard, tangy feta on the inside.

I came up with this combination years ago - for a Picnic Party (Aren't those the best?) and loved it ever since.

I make my own pesto and olive spread - one for each side of the ciabatta bread, however you can certainly just buy pesto and tapenade instead if you have to organize something quick for a get together.

If you can, make some oven dried tomatoes ahead of time. They are incredibly easy to make, however you will need to allow them to dry in the oven for about 3 hours. You can probably let them sit in the oven overnight as well - they should keep well if you don't open the oven door in the meantime. If this is not an option, use fresh tomato slices instead.

Just add slices of your favorite feta cheese and you have yourself a Mediterranean sandwich.

Fun fact: Tomatoes, cheese and baked wheat share common volatile components that make them combine brilliantly together - just think of pizza. Yum!

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Download the standardized recipe here:

Mediterranean Sandwich
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