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Lentil Mushroom Salad with Fresh Parsley

Earthy meets cheesy meets crisp, green parsley leaves.

This is another simple recipe - easy to make and convenient to take in your picnic basket.

While a lot of picnics have pasta salads, I wanted something a bit more nutritious and a bit more complete. Since I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for with a fast online search, I decided to come up with a recipe of my own. If you're curious about the process that went into creating this filling picnic salad, keep reading.

My salad started with lentils - since they are a nutritious food which takes little effort to cook. With their 18 g protein per cup, they are a great starting point for a complete meal. As I wanted to get at least 6 servings, I went with 2 cups of lentils and 6 cups of water - lentils will triple their volume after cooking and require 3 parts of water for every 1 part of dry lentils. Now, not everyone knows this, however lentils are not just rich in protein: They are also rich in starch. That's right, that means that if a meal contains a significant amount of lentils (or any other legume), you do not need to eat rice, potatoes or bread with it.

Because 1 cup of lentils covers the needs of most people for both starch and protein, one only needs vegetables to make a complete meal - a minimum of 2 cups of uncooked vegetables or 1 cup of cooked vegetables to be precise. I went with mushrooms and, since my recipe was going to give 6 cups of lentils, I knew I needed at least 6 x 500 ml raw mushrooms for the entire salad.

I added cheese for a bit of extra taste - I chose it as it's a food that goes well with mushrooms. In the future I would love to try the same recipe with feta cheese - I somehow know it will look and taste amazing.

A simple lemon dressing (1 part lemon juice to 3 parts oil) and some fresh parsley, chopped for added fragrance, and you have a perfect picnic salad. Easy peasy and so yummy!

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Download the recipe here:

Lentil Mushroom Salad with fresh Parsley
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