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A nutritious meal disguised as sweet, cheesy goodness.

Kugel represents a baked casserole dish made with either potatoes or noodles. Both look positively scrumptious and choosing which one to make was a real challenge.

When served with a main meal, Kugel is oftentimes savory and does not contain any dairy products - so that it can be eaten along a main meal made with meat.

While not as common, the sweet Kugel made with cheese can have a place in the Jewish way of eating, as this can be served as part of a delicious breakfast.

Up until recently I never knew what Kugel was. Based on my initial research, I decided that the potato Kugel has to be amazing and I was about to start building my recipe when I learned the meaning of the word <Kugel>. You see, Kugel is the Yiddish word for "pudding" - and in the exact moment I read this so, a wave of memories came flooding me. My grandma, who was the definition of love itself, used to make us a noodle <pudding>, sweet and cheesy and beyond amazing. She would bake it in the oven and, while it cooked, it filled the kitchen with irresistible aromas. The dish is delicious and, oh my, those caramelized noodles on top are just divine! And this is Kugel! I started my quest for Kosher foods not knowing what to expect and suddenly I was 5 years old again, surrounded by warmth, loved, cared for and protected. That's the beauty of good food! It brings people together, no matter who they are or where they come from.

This recipe is part of the 2021 - Week 24 - Kosher Foods. Look under Menus for the other recipes of the series or Subscribe to our mailing list and receive complete weekly menu ideas with everything from the grocery shopping list to all standardized recipes in a menu, as well as an organized Order of Cooking list to save you time in the kitchen.

Download the standardized recipe here:

Download PDF • 188KB

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