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Jamaican Jerk Lentils and Greens

Caribbean flavor with a twist.

The inspiration for this recipe came from Rachel Ama's Vegan Caribbean Feast. Her plate looks absolutely stunning, however I chose to make only 2 of her 6 choices.

I really wanted to try the jerk lentils (a spinoff to jerk chicken). I was not sure if I would find Jerk seasoning in stores, so I decided to make my own spice mix - however you can also add 1.5 Tbsp Jerk seasoning if this is easily available to you.

I also opted to make the greens and, together with the lentils these make for a complete and balanced meal. While I would have loved to try the rice and peas, mac and cheese, plantains or channa, adding these would make the meal too rich in starches. Lentils are a food that is rich in protein and in starch. Rice, beans, pasta, plantains, chickpeas are also starchy choices and adding these would be over what a regular person needs. About 1 cup of lentils should make for a reasonable portion.

Since I was preparing a recipe meant to serve 6+ portions, I increased a bit the quantities for the vegetables: used 2 red onions and 2 red peppers and I made sure I'm using a large bunch of kale. The original recipe required wilting the kale, however I preferred to cook it for a shorter time, in order to preserve its beautiful green color. About 1 cup of cooked vegetables should be an adequate portion.

I also added one pin to show you how to remove the leaves of thyme from each sprig easily. Information regarding a more efficient way to cut bell peppers had already been posted earlier.

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Download the standardized recipes here:

Jerk Lentils and Greens
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