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It's Alive! - Green Guacamole with tomatoes, beans and lots of curious eyes

Is this food or some sort of swamp creature?

Can guacamole be considered a meal on its own? Yes and no.

No, if you're thinking about classic guacamole.

Yes, with a few changes - which, incidentally, will not take away from its tastiness.

The guacamole that we know and love is made mostly with avocado - which is technically a fat. While filling, the classic version of this dish will be lacking in protein - but not if you add an extra ingredient in the mix: beans! We used canned black beans to increase the nutritional value of the dish - and they went perfectly with the dish. If you're also using canned beans, remember to rinse them - to wash away some of the salt that usually comes with canned foods.

The cheese used to make the curious eyes will also add a touch more protein.

Another change that would bring this dish closer to a balanced meal would be an increase in the quantity of vegetables - namely tomatoes, in this case. Most avocado recipes use small amounts of tomatoes, but trust me when I say that these will work great in a higher quantity as well.

While avocado is considered a healthy food, there is such a thing as too much even when it comes to avocado. An entire fruit will give you the equivalent of 6 tsp of oil in terms of fat - most people should have about half of that or less for a meal.

On the other hand, vegetables generally add little calories to dishes, yet will bring in extra vitamins and fiber. The final dish will still fill you up, just in a different way - a lighter way.

Now, question for all the people who, like me, don't live in a warm climate: did you know that you can peel an avocado? I had no idea! I was still doing the cut-in-2, chop with a knife and scoop out. Well, I was watching this soap making video made by a girl who lives in California (those things can be quite mesmerizing!) and she cut the avocado in half and then proceeded to peel it. With her hands. Literally pinched the avocado skin from one end and ripped it off. I was in awe! So clean, so easy!

Well, it turns out it works with avocados available in our area too!! Amazing!

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Download the recipe here:

It's Alive! - Green Guacamole with tomat
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