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Colbert Sole

A proper Queen Victoria inspired menu always has poisson (fish) as a second dish.

Inspired by Her Majesty's Christmas Menu of 1894, this dish uses the science of taste pairings for the fish seasoning (one word: tarragon) and aims for a healthier, yet equally tasty option to frying the fish: baking. A teaspoon of lemon-parsley margarine melting on top of the hot fish fillet is the perfect addition to this dish.

While the initial recipe used flour and milk for the seasoning (which was delicious, yet ended up as crunchy flavorful bits over the fish fillet), I will probably try for an even coating of only dry ingredients for the future and maybe spray the fish with oil or lightly spread margarine on top before adding the seasoning.

I also prefer soft margarine (made with vegetable oils) to butter. While there is an almost endless debate between which is healthier and science doesn't quite seem to make up its mind (recommendations may also differ depending on the medical condition of a person), I prefer getting more unsaturated fats than saturated in my dishes. This being said, when it comes to good nutrition: moderation is always the key. The recipe itself does not recommend using a very high quantity of fat - so if you like butter more, you can use it instead.

Please consider sharing if you think others would enjoy our posts. I would also love to hear any of your comments or suggestions if you decide to eat like the Queen and use this week's menu.

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Download the standardized recipe here:

Sole Colbert
Download PDF • 697KB


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