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Ash Reshteh

Rich, thick Iranian Soup.

A very filling soup, Ash Reshteh is made with lots and lots of greens (green onion, parsley, coriander, dill and spinach), legumes and noodles.

The soup has a fresh and earthy, intense taste and it is just the perfect food to enjoy on a cold, winter or almost-winter day - when your only care in the world should be what good book are you starting next, when you curl up on the sofa, covered with your warm blanket.

As delicious as it is plain, this soup is traditionally served garnished with Kashk - which can be found in Middle Eastern stores. If kashk is not available to you and you'd like to add a topping, use plain Greek yogurt, yogurt, kefir or even sour cream.

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Download the recipe here:

Ash Reshteh
Download PDF • 737KB

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