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2020 - Week 27 Menu - Foods with Real Chemistry

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Scientifically designed to taste well together.

This week we're taking Smart Nutrition to a whole new level: all the ingredients we combine will have a real chemistry between them. Think of a great, passionate relationship - except for food and backed up by science. That's right, we're speaking about the perfect culinary partnership.

I've talked about this in the past when discussing pizza and how science can help explain why we love it so much. Well, this week, the same type of science will be used to create a complete menu of perfect taste pairings.

I've done my research, I've weighed, measured, calculated and balanced the ingredients to ensure the final menus are not just delicious, but also nutritionally complete and came up with 4 completely new recipes that are sure to delight you. We're talking 3 complementary meals (protein choices + sides/ salads) and 1 rosy desert.

This menu contains information about making:

Download and adapt your Grocery Shopping List:

27 - Grocery Shopping
Download XLSX • 13KB

Print the Order of Cooking list to optimize and minimize time spent in the kitchen:

Week 27 - Order of Cooking
Download PDF • 816KB


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