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2020 - Week 22 - Comfort foods menu

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

To warm you inside and out.

Hello, you beautiful people who bring meaning to my work!

Since we went to many recipes that rely on your taste preferences, please make sure your sauces and toppings match your taste for the pizza, the shawarma and the burger and adjust your list accordingly.

As usual, use the Excel sheet to make your grocery list and be sure to add or delete ingredients as needed - for all or just some of the recipes.

While the watermelon is optional, this menu has information about making:

Download and adapt your Grocery Shopping List:

22 - Grocery Shopping
Download XLSX • 14KB

Print the Order of Cooking list to optimize and minimize time spent in the kitchen:

2020 - Week 22 Order of cooking
Download PDF • 759KB

Are you still thinking about that watermelon? Of course you are. If you want to go out and buy one, let's at least make sure you choose one that is ripe. How can you tell, you ask? Easy! Every watermelon has a field spot = the place where it sat on the ground, in the field. While the rest of the watermelon gets nice and green, this spot will not get <tanned>. Look at this spot: if the spot is white your watermelon is probably not ripe/ not so sweet, if it is yellow pick up your watermelon and bring it home with you.

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