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About me

I am Roxana, founder of Smart Nutrition Rox. For the past 7 years I have been working in the hospital as a Registered Dietitian and I can honestly say that this was my dream job from day 1. You know, the kind of job that you leave at the end of your shift feeling surprised that someone pays you to do. The pin that you see in the picture - that's the pin I wear to work every day over my lab coat. I love Nutrition and because I love Her so much, I have vowed to always provide nutritional advise that has a solid scientific evidence to back it up.

The idea behind Smart Nutrition Rox was born during the COVID-19 pandemic - as everyone scrambled to do groceries as fast as possible, while also trying to feed their families a healthy meal. I was one of those people, yet healthy meal planning, organized groceries and optimizing cooking time were not a new thing for me. I was already doing this for my home every week and, due to my profession, I already had the knowledge to optimize the process every step of the way: from meal planning to recipe standardization... So why not share this with others? I started by asking my friends what they thought of the idea and, after receiving an overwhelmingly positive response, 2 days later I began posting on the Smart Nutrition Rox Facebook Page. Week after week, I added balanced menus with foods that go well together, their corresponding grocery lists and an optimized list of steps to take when cooking each menu - in order to help readers be able to eat well and save time even during such challenging times. 


Now... any good dietitian will tell you that, in this profession, we never stop learning. And I certainly don't intend to either. While I am on top of my continuing education when it comes to Dietetics and Nutrition, I am not really an expert at creating the best website out there. This is where you come in. You know yourself, you know what works and does not work for you, what makes you tick, what motivates you, what makes you be better and learn better. Tell me, educate me, help me be better at helping you get the most of this website. Nothing would make me happier than knowing my efforts payed off and that you're truly benefiting from my shared expertise. 


Lots of love (because we definitely need to put more love in the world),



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